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Mirrored: the Nordic Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale

3 years ago

Six artists will represent the Nordic Pavilion, compound of Finland, Sweden and Norway, at the 57th Venice Biennale.

The exhibition titled “Mirrored” and curated by Mats Stjernstedt will include works of art by Siri Aurdal, Nina Canell, Charlotte Johannesson, Jumana Manna, Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki, and Mika Taanila. Mirrored will focus on the global stereotypes that run above these three country imaged like a “peaceful and timeless places, in a line borrowed from Guiliana Bruno’s allegory on mirrors”. For the first time , after three past Biennals, the three country are showing an equal numbers of artists.

The press release states that Siri Aurdal, Charlotte Johannesson, and Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki are focussing on urban art:  “Their works are examples of urban art and urbanity that was ahead of its time in exploring industrial material, digital space, or design experiments with moving images.”

The others three artists Mika Taanila, Nina Canell, and Jumana Manna share a similar urban interests going through “material transformations or political content.”

Giulia Capaccioli

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