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New art fair to enrich Singapore’s contemporary art scene

12 months ago

New joint ventures and art fairs will enrich Singapore’s contemporary art scene, despite the city having revealed a though market.

A new fair will be launched in November 2019, namely Art SG, as a result of the partnership between Swiss MCH Group, owner of the Art Basel franchise,  Sandy Angus of Angus Montgomery Arts and the events organiser Tim Etchells. Aim of the last two, also co-founder of Art HG (Hong Kong), entered in Art Basel’s portfolio, is to replicate the success of the Chinese fair.

The two are confident in this new cooperation, despite the difficulties shown by Singapore’s art market: existing art fairs, such as Art Stage Singapore, Singapore Contemporary Art Show and the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) had to deal with cuts and drop in the number of participations. On the contrary, Etchell proves himself confident of the strong attractiveness of the new fair, thanks to the massive network of galleries and collectors and experience of its partners. Moreover, Singapore would benefit from its geographical position to reach Southeast Asian collectors.

There are other signs of growth in the market: another art fair, SEA Focus, is due to launch in January with around 40 galleries, the half of which are local. Magnus Renfrew, another co-founder of Art HK, is launching a new fair called Taipei Dangdai in Taipei in January.


Alessandra Bellomo

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