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Cecilia Alemani will be the Artistic Director of BA Art Basel City Initiative

2 years ago

As announced a year ago, Buenos Aires has been named the first city to be involved in the Art Basel Cities initiative, a project meant to support the city’s cultural ecosystem including artists, galleries, not-for-profit spaces in order to create an extensive networks around the city. The organization will function as strategical and structural support to the local art community, comprising several initiatives to help facilitate professional collaborations. In September, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires will launch a week of public art programing directed by Cecilia Alemani, which will take place throughout the city.

In a statement, the curator said: “I am thrilled to be part of Art Basel’s new initiative in Buenos Aires and I am very much looking forward to getting to know better the Argentinian art world. In the last few years in New York I had the honor of working with a number of great Argentinian artists, so I am excited to being able to contribute to this project which resonates both locally and internationally.”

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