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Christian Boltanski: Anime. Di luogo in luogo. A special project in Bologna

2 years ago

Danilo Eccher has curated a special project for the city of Bologna with the French artist.

The project is divided into different parts and, with different phases, it will be on show until the end of November 2017:

“Billboards” is a multi-venue installation in different city areas and will be on show from June to August.

“Anime di luogo in luogo” will be on view at MAMbo until mid November. The exhibition retraces Boltanski’s poetics from the mid Eighties until the most recent years and will unfold according to some specific topics that have always crossed the artist’s work.

The installation “Reserve” is on show at the former powder keg bunker in Lunetta Gamberini Garden; while “Take Me (I’m Yours)” is a public art intervention at former Giuriolo parking lot that will be unveiled in September.


Elena Scarpa

  • Christian Boltanski, Animitas (blanc), 2017. © C. Boltanski. Christian Boltanski, Animitas (blanc), 2017. © C. Boltanski.

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