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Manifesta 13 to be Held in Marseille

3 years ago

The municipal council of Marseilles has confirmed that city will host the 13th edition of Manifesta, Europe’s roving contemporary art biennial, in 2020.

The mayor’s office has formally unblocked subsidies worth €627,000 to pay for the rights to hold the event. From now to 2020, Marseilles will dedicate a total of €2.4m to Manifesta, between a quarter and a third of the biennial’s projected budget.

Manifesta, changes it location every two years – Rotterdam (1996), Luxembourg (1998), Ljubljana (2000), Frankfurt (2002), San Sebastian (2004), Nicosia (2006 – cancelled), Trentino-South Tyrol (2008), Murcia in dialogue with northern Africa (2010), Limburg (2012) and St. Petersburg (2014). The upcoming editions will take place in Zurich (2016) and Palermo (2018).

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