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Manifesta 12 Just Announced the Collateral Events

1 year ago

Manifesta 12 announced the list of its official Collateral Events which are dedicated to public and private institutions, non-profit organizations, and professionals from Palermo, Sicily, Italy and around the world to create a collateral project for the biennial in Palermo.
The selected projects take place during the biennial and are associated with the biennial and promoted through the official communication channels of Manifesta 12.

Over 630 projects have been evaluated by the jury nominated by Manifesta 12, and 62 projects have been selected to be part of the biennial collateral program. From a geographical point of view, the projects received come from the following locations: 50% Palermo; 8% Sicily; 21% Italy; 18% Europe; 3% Other locations.

Check out here the official list of selected projects.

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  • Courtesy of Manifesta 12 Courtesy of Manifesta 12