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Milan to Host SPRINT, the Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon

2 years ago

The 5th edition of SPRINTIndependent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano – is scheduled for Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November in Milan.

The event involves 62 international publishers from 12 countries and distributed in a program that will activate, in the city of Milan, 9 different locations. The exhibition, curated and designed by the artist Dafne Boggeri in collaboration with O ‘non-profit association, aims to increase collaborations and experiences to continue to valorise people, places and paths: with a selection that includes some of the most vibrant reality local and international, SPRINT will present publishers and artists who will take part in the nonprofit fair at O ‘Street in Via Pastrengo 12 in Milan on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th from 1pm to 8pm with free entrance.
The edition of SPRINT 2017 is dedicated to collector and philanthropist Giorgio Maffei, to his generosity and passion for all forms of art.

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, from 1pm to 8pm, SPRINT will open the doors of the nonprofit trade show to visitors, including the editions of:
0_100 Limited Editions (Milano), DAMANT/Rada Koželj (Como), backbonebooks (Berlino), BATT coop (Parigi) con Animal Press / Galerie P38 / Numero 10 / Red Lebanese, Blisterzine by NASTYNASTY© (Milano), Blood Becomes Water (Sofia) Susanne Bürner (Berlino), COLLECTION revue (Parigi), Diorama Editions (Milano), EXILE (Berlino), Flash Art Books (Milano), Friends Make Books (Torino), Fuzao Studio (Milano), Girls Like Us (Amsterdam), Jeong Hwa Min (Berlino), KABUL (talia), Kaleidoscope (Milano), Ikuru Kuwajima (Mosca), Leif j Lee (Portland), Lozano & Romanowsky (Leipzig), Mazo Publicaciones (Madrid), Mega Press (New York), Klaus Miser (Rimini), Brie Moreno (Ottawa), Nathalie Du Pasquier (Milano), Gabriel Orlowski (Varsavia), Stefano Reboli (Milano), Rorhof (Bolzano), Skinnerboox (Jesi), Panayiotis Tersis (New York), Geetha Thurairajah (Toronto), con Special Guest LIBRI BELLI (Milano): Always judge a book by its cover!

Carla Ingrasciotta

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