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Ahmed Mater’s First Solo Show at Galleria Continua

2 years ago

Ahmed Mater‘s first solo show with Galleria Continua will open in the San Gimignano venue of the Gallery on the 23rd of September simultaneously with two other solo shows: Jonathas de Andrade and Etel Adnan.

His practice embraces the paradoxes of science and faith. Entwining expressive and politically engaged artistic aims with the scientific objectives of his medical training, he fuses the two realms to explore their connections and contradictions. Employing broad research-based investigative techniques, Mater assesses the Kingdom’s social, economic and religious condition, mining and preserving disregarded and forgotten narratives through expansive documentary ambles.

Physician turned artist, Ahmed Mater is one of the most significant cultural voices documenting and scrutinising the realities of contemporary Saudi Arabia. He lives and works between Riyadh, Jeddah and Abha, KSA.

Elena Scarpa

  • Ahmed Mater, Desert of Pharan, 2012 Ahmed Mater, Desert of Pharan, 2012