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Saudi Artist Abdulnasser Gharem Gets First USA Solo Show

3 years ago

“Pause” at LACMA presents part of the artists ouvre produced after 9/11 but also includes new works the artist made in 2017, including the one titled Camouflage which depicts a tank inside an Iranian Mosque.

Gharem, an artist but also liutenant colonel in the Saudi Arabian army, has deeply absorbed the notion of pause into his work as for him, seeing the World Trade Center destroyed on television was one of those terrible moments that seems to make the world stand still or pause.

This exhibition was organized by Museum in association with King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

The artist will also be part of Glasstress, an exhibition coinceived by the Fondazione Berengo and on view in Venice during this year’s Biennale.


Elena Scarpa

  • The artist in his studio working on Pause, 2017 The artist in his studio working on Pause, 2017