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Shezad Dawood to Present his New Projects at the Upcoming Venice Biennale

2 years ago

The renowned UK based artist Shezad Dawood is going to present a new solo exhibition and a ten part film cycle, entitled “Leviathan” in concomitance to the 57th Edition of La Biennale di Venezia. The show will be held at the Palazzina Canonica, a just restored Venetian Palazzo right next to Riva dei Sette Martiri. It will feature a new body of textiles works, site specific sculptures, comprehending the first two parts of his new film “Leviathan”, directed by the artist himself.

“Leviathan” is set in a fantastic future, whose citizens are lucky survivors of a cataclysmic solar phenomena; each part of the film is narrated by different characters and shifts all across the World, from Europe to Asia, including the Institute of Marine Science platform in the Adriatic sea and an  abandoned island in the Venetian lagoon, and the London Natural History Museum.
“This project was already under- way before climate discourse went from the mainstream to the marginal. But the key question then, as now, was how to make the science and the possible future awaiting us more accessible. I hope the collaborative enterprise that begins in Venice, informed by so many generously lending their time and expertise, goes some way towards doing that”, stated Dawood.

The exhibition in curated by Alfredo Cramarotti, with the support of Querini StampaliaTimothy Taylor, Outset Contemporary Art Fund and the collaboration of the Institute of Marine Science, and Fortuny in Venice.


Giulia Capaccioli

  • Shezad Dawood, still from Leviathan Shezad Dawood, still from Leviathan