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Two Giant Trolls Take Over the Iceland Pavilion: Out of Controll in Venice

2 years ago

Today the Icelandic Art Center has announced that Egill Sæbjörnsson, the selected artist to represent the Icelandic Pavilion at this upcoming Venice Art Biennale, has handed over the creative managing of the Pavilion to give this great opportunity to Ūgh and Bõögâr, two giant trolls became artists, . Their project, entitled “Out of Controll in Venice” will be curated by Stefanie Böttcher.

Ūgh and Bõögâr follow Sæbjörnsson artistic career since long period and have became an important part of his reality, sharing with him his Berlin space and crating exhibitions.

“Out of Controll in Venice” will let enter this two ferocius trolls into people’s life, perturbing their world, and the result of this encounter will share Iceland’s joy and, at the same time, fear of a tight coexistence with “the trolls” in a world wide range. Moreover this result will produce a deep reflection on how just a simple question on “what’s real” or “what’s virtual” could easily transform our perspectives.

Björg Stefánsdóttir, Director of the Icelandic Art Center, stated: “In recent years, the Icelandic Pavilion has frequently been a venue for dissolving social constructs – whether they be ideologies, nationalist sentiments or the myth of the artist. This tradition continues with Out of Controll in Venice”, where the boundary between the real and the imagined completely dissolves as we are drawn into the enthralling and ferocious realm of two trolls.”

Giulia Capaccioli

  • Egill, Ūgh and Bõögâr. Courtesy and copyright the artist and i8 Gallery Egill, Ūgh and Bõögâr. Courtesy, copyright the Artist and i8 Gallery