Symposium: “An Ocean Archive”, curated by MAP Office and Mara Sartore


How can we apprehend the ocean today?
How do we imagine our future in relation to the vast maritime domain? Are we able to develop empathy towards this main source of life? Can we escape the systematic exploitation of the ocean? These essential questions need to be addressed…”
“Our Ocean Guide”, MAP Office, Lightbox Publishing

Curated by
MAP Office and Mara Sartore
Janet Bellotto, Mariana Hahn, Naiza Khan, Ignazio Mortellaro, Janet Laurence, Benedetto Pietromarchi
Special Guests
Larry Achiampong, David A. Bailey, Alfredo Cramerotti, Alexander Ponomarev, Jessica Taylor, Abbas Zahedi
With a performance by
Jorge González and Mónica Ródriguez “A Score to Become a Temporary Island”