The VI Internet Pavilion presents: Toghetherness Lirica

For the 2019 Biennale di Venezia, the “Internet Pavillon” will follow the theme of “Togetherness” evolving through a newborn WhatsApp group called Togetherness_lirico, created by Swiss artist Nora Renaud.

Togetherness_lirico will grow as a casual chat exploring the ideas of public intimacy and privacy, censorship and lyricism.
The material produced by our daily online comunication,decontextualized and enhanced by singing, has the potential of a huge collective “Opera”: Internet is “Togetherness”, togetherness is a “Chat” and chatting is an Opera.

The 6th “Padiglione Internet” is planning to appear in various spontaneous and improvised forms during the biennale through WhatsApp and -maybe- physically in the biennale …

For more information
WhatsApp: +57 3187725351