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A space in constant transformation.

Rio Ebro #85 Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de Mexico

textraño seeks to experiment with the artist and space. Questioning how a space can change when an object, a sound, a smell, or a person enters it. A space that is in constant transformation.

They question the permanence of a space, as well as the predisposition of the user.

They are open to collaborations between artists, curators and projects; since by collaborating the line between these categories is blurred. For each exhibition they strive to create something diverse and specific for the space.

Contacts & Details
M: galeriatex@gmail

Rio Ebro #85 Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de Mexico

Past Exhibitions
Angela Leyva: Bilis Negra
Reinterpretation and investigation of a clinical file belonging to Dr. Leyva, the artist's father, which consits of a series of low-resolution digital photographs of children with congenital conditions.
04 Feb 2020 - 24 Feb 2020
Mexico City
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