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bird’s eye

Kohlenberg 20, 4051, Basel, Switzerland

Founded by the bass player Stephan Kurmann, the bird’s eye jazz club is considered one of the best club in Europe by jazz lovers and experts.



Association Jazz-Live Basel has as its purpose to promote jazz in the region of Basel on a voluntary basis; it facilitates the appearances of younger regional professional musicians and therefore manages the venue of the bird’s eye jazz club.

Among insiders and experts, the bird’s eye jazz club is seen as one of the best jazz-clubs of Europe. The Club, supported by the Association Jazz-Live Basel, was founded by the bass player Stephan Kurmann. During five evenings per week, the club offers authentic, current live jazz with well-known jazz stars from all over the world, but also with the best musicians from the national and regional scene and rising talents.

Contacts & Details

Tue – Sat 8.30pm – 10.45pm

Sun, Mon

T: +41 61 263 33 41
W: bird’s eye

Kohlenberg 20, 4051, Basel, Switzerland

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