Salsali Private Museum

Founded by Ramin Salsali in 2011 in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz

Warehouse 14, Alserkal Avenue. Street 8, Al Quoz 1

Created in 2011, the Salsali Private Museum considers its position as a cultural base and platform for new and established collectors and acts as a catalyst for creating a new generation of collectors, is not only the first private museum for contemporary art in the region, but also a collector center to provide a free of charge service to the local and international collectors.

Exhibitions at Salsali Private Museum showcase artworks from the Salsali private collection, and the museum hosts visiting exhibitions from across the globe. It serves as an independent centre for art collectors, and provides an insight into a Contemporary Middle Eastern and International Art.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

T: +971 4 380 9600
W: Website

Warehouse 14, Alserkal Avenue. Street 8, Al Quoz 1

Past Exhibitions
Imran Qureshi at Salsali Private Museum
Deutsche Bank in cooperation with Salsali Private Museum will be exhibiting the work of Imran Qureshi,...
24 Jan 2014 - 28 Feb 2014
Hazem Harb: The Invisible landscape and Concrete Futures
The Invisible landscape and Concrete Futures is the first institutional solo exhibition of the Palestinian...
01 Mar 2015 - 01 Jun 2015
German Cool
Salsali Private Museum announces the exhibition “German Cool”, showcasing a selection from...
11 Nov 2015 - 31 Mar 2016
Ramtin Zad Solo Show
“Ramtin Zad” solo exhibition at Salsali Private Museum presents the unified collections...
11 Nov 2016 - 01 Mar 2017
Salsali Private Museum presents “Sculpture”, a group exhibition featuring, as the title...
13 Mar 2017 - 31 Aug 2017
++ VIDEO ++
After the shows, ++SCULPTURE++ and ++PHOTO++ , Salsali Private Museum (SPM) does showcase ++VIDEO++ which...
15 Mar 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Philip Mueller. Tibe Now: Free Drinks, Boots and Tickets to the Apocalypse
The final Dubai exhibition of Salsali Private Museum presents a selection of paintings by Austrian painter...
10 Mar 2019 - 30 Apr 2019