Depot Basel

Depot Basel is not a fair, nor a festival. Not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. They are a temporary place for contemporary design, with the best intentions. Founded in 2011.

Depot Basel is not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. It is a temporary place for contemporary design – Depot means warehouse – as Laura Pregger, Matylda Krzykowski, Moritz Walther and Elias Schäfer have chosen to name their organisation. A place in which contemporary design is set up for discussion.
The space is  open mainly on request or during exhibitions, projects, lectures, events, therefore it doesn’t have regular opening times.

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Voltastrasse 43

Past Exhibitions
The Collective Intention
Culture of the Common – Despite or because of the dominating hyperindividualisation in western...
05 Jun 2015 - 15 Aug 2015
Forum for an Attitude
Forum for an Attitude takes place in two places: In form of a series of five Forums at Depot Basel in...
16 Oct 2015 - 14 Feb 2016
Forum 3: Intuition
Children see things differently. They are naturally unbiased, honest and they stick to their view without...
19 Nov 2015 - 22 Nov 2015
Sum: Basel’s Projectspaces
The presentation Give-aways and advertising material plays with the urgency of being present – an...
14 Nov 2015 - 06 Dec 2015
Superprojekt, What is Contemporary?
Superprojekt is a provisional stage at Depot Basel, exploring the question “What is contemporary?”...
13 Jun 2016 - 10 Jul 2016
Users Are People
How emodigital are you? Our world is in vertigo rather than in transition. “The norms in this world...
28 Oct 2016 - 20 Nov 2016