Hosted in the former church of San Paolo Converso in Milan, which today is the headquarters of CLS Architetti, Converso is an exhibition space devoted to contemporary art.

Piazza S.Eufemia

The programme of Converso displays peculiar contemporary art projects of artists of different ages, places, and creative languages, who have to interact with the architecture, symbolic and historical features of the former church.

Embraced by the church’s frescoes, a work of Giulio and Antonio Campi, depicting the conversion, baptism, miracles and martyrdom of Paul the Apostle, the contemporary art work is displayed in the middle of the room.

The artists are been given a stage, which is merely a flat surface with no walls, seemingly floating in the surroundings of this historical building. Converso provides a platform for contemporary dialogue, within halls that have been a witnesses of time – being erected between 1549 and 1619, deconsecrated in 1808, after a decree issued by Napoleon, used as a storage space until 1932, before it was renovated and became a concert hall and later in the 60s a recording studio for, among others, Maria Callas.



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Piazza S.Eufemia

Past Exhibitions
Franco Mazzucchelli: Riappropriazione
Converso presents the Milanese based artist, who was a former professor of Techniques of Sculpture at...
26 Feb 2017 - 01 Apr 2017
The Restaurant
In the former church of San Paolo Converso in Milan, the Converso exhibition space presents a new video,...
02 Mar 2018 - 14 Apr 2018
Riccardo Paratore: Non è Questione di Forma
In “Non è questione di forma” (It’s not a matter of form), Riccardo Paratore (b.1990,...
12 Sep 2019 - 15 Sep 2019