Spiazzi is an artistic and social independent center, whose principal characteristic is the fusion of a gallery, laboratories for the artists, and projects of the “art of green”.

Castello 3865

During the past years it has organized different events and has given hospitality for the biennale projects. Progressively it also opened its spaces for foreign artists with the program of “Artists in residence”.
With the reviews of design auto produced Manos and Mestre Street Design, held in the gallery, Rialto market and in the center of Mestre, it proposes itself as catalyst of new ideas. For its characteristics Spiazzi can be considered strong point of reference and a flexible and hospital structure for artists, craftsmen, photographers and designers, regular or passers by, that collaborate in the project of coworking.

Contacts & Details
T: +393497343853
W: Spiazzi

Castello 3865
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