Le Bouillon Republique

There are four or five restaurants in Paris that the unsuspecting passer-by regularly mistakes for chic and expensive places because of their beautiful Art Nouveau decorations, when in fact they are nothing more than popular canteens of the early 20th century: in practice, splendid establishments at normal prices, serving simple brasserie cuisine, more or less refined depending on the restaurant.

The first bouillon opened in 1855 thanks to the resourcefulness of Pierre-Louis Duval, a butcher who began selling a beef stew in broth (‘bouillon’ in French) in his shop to workers in the general markets of the Halles. The idea was so successful that only 50 years later there would be 250 bouillons in Paris, popular restaurants offering workers and labourers very simple and inexpensive one-course meals.

39 Boulevard du Temple, 75003
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Mon – Sun 12pm – 12am

T: +33 1 42 59 69 31
W: Le Bouillon Republique

39 Boulevard du Temple, 75003

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