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Evgeny Antufiev, When Art became part of the Landscape. Chapter I

Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonino Salinas

16 Jun 201804 Nov 2018

The exhibition organised by Fondazione Maramotti and Museo archeologico regionale “Antonino Salinas”, develops along the entire ground floor of the museum up to the Agorà, with artworks that are in a dialogue and counterpoint with the artifacts and finds from the museum. On exhibit around thirty artworks formally linked with the symbolic images of archaic cultures. The oxidised and/or aged surfaces of ceramics, castings and carved wood evoke ancient discoveries and appear like a “gift”” found amidst the landscape, thus becoming part and parcel with Nature itself. Hybrid identities capable of generating resonances between different worlds and epochs, filtered by the visual culture of the artist’s country of origin (Siberia) and the Russian crafts tradition in the way materials are treated.

  • Evgeny Antufiev, Untitled, 2017. Evgeny Antufiev, Untitled, 2017.

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Destination: Palermo
Where: Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonino Salinas
Type: Opening
Admission: Free
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Piazza Olivella Palermo, Italy