Palermo - Official Collateral Event

Politics of Dissonance

4 Vicolo Del Pallone

06 Jul 201809 Jul 2018

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Politics of Dissonance is a festival of sound, noise, political video, and VJ performance to take place on 6-9 July bringing artists from across the world to collaborate in a performative investigation into the discord that defines our times. Drawing on dissonance both as a musical term and as a term used to describe social rupture, Politics of Dissonance invites practitioners to engage in performances and talks that focus on the role of dissonance in giving form to our times.

Artists include:
Antoine Agudze, Natasja Alers, Simone Bertugno (League of Art Legends), Harold de Bree, Rob Bothof, Baran Çağinli, Caspar, Stefano Canto, Chto Delat, Amos Cappuccio, Sounkarou Dembélé, Blandine De LaTaille, Ramy Essam, Fenni, Nico Feragnoli, Snövit Hedstierna, Shingo Inao, Fatoş İrven, Nikos Kokolakis, Giuseppe Lana, Yael Levy, Cristiano Luciani (aka Chris X), Gilles Mardirossian, Dominique Manu, MaritaMuukkonen, Richard Nathaniel,  Nikolay Oleynikov (Chto Delat) with Radio Pravda, Erkan Özgen, Robert Pettena, Alessandro Rolandi, Shitcluster, Dembele Sounkarou, Antti Tenetz, Zhao Tao, Issa Touma, Rena &Vladan, Oliver Ressler, Mike Rijnierse, Ivor Stodolsky, Tito Valery, Zhang Wei, WuShuqing, Thom Vink, Hamid Zeggane, Tianji Zhao.

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4 Vicolo Del Pallone Palermo, Italy