Venice - Official Collateral Event

Sarajevo Now: People’s Museum

Tesa 99, Arsenale Nord

28 May 201601 Jul 2016

For centuries, Sarajevo has served as a crossroads and urban frontier. Like other cities transformed by exponential growth or unanticipated shrinking, post-conflict Sarajevo is confronted with its very own modes of informal practice. These conditions expose emerging practices and lessons from a city breaking down divisions and energized as a site for the production of citizenship.
These dynamics echo similar forces running through Urban-Think Tank’s research and design projects, which inspired a collaboration between ETH Zurich, the City of Sarajevo, and the Historical Museum through the ‘Reactivate Sarajevo’ initiative.

Sarajevo Now: The People’s Museum
Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner, Nina Baier-Bischofberger, Florian Baier

Curator: Haris Piplas
Local Curator: Elma Hasimbegovic

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Destination: Venice
Where: Tesa 99, Arsenale Nord
Type: Party
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