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‘terraoptics’, 2016

Artry Gallery, KB Jacob Road, Fort Kochi

14 Dec 201610 Feb 2017

“Terraoptics” is a work based on “Black Gold”, a piece presented by Vivan Sundaram in the first Kochi Biennale.
Here Sundaram brings back the discarded potsherds from Pattanam, Kerala as forms and small structures presented as photographs shot in a dark room studio. The fragments are made into contemporary containers placed within luminous dissecting planes and patterns. The site, a set or model is depicted as a flat bed picture plane when viewed from above. Therefore the abstracted objects amalgamate with the optical geometry. The representation of the earth locations oscillates from urban formations to denuded landscapes.

  • Vivan Sundaram, Black Gold, first Kochi Biennale Vivan Sundaram, Black Gold, first Kochi Biennale

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