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The Sound of Creation. Sound Paintings by Beezy Bailey and Brian Eno

Palazzo Pisani

07 May 201522 Nov 2015

Art and Music are often considered as polar opposites: music tends to be associated with spiritually due to its immaterial nature; and art is typically more tangible as it is expressed in plastic constructed forms such as painting and sculpture. “The Sound of Creation: Paintings + Music by Beezy Bailey and Brian Eno” is a collateral event during the 56th Venice Art Biennale that will be exhibited from May 7th to November 22nd 2015.

The exhibition will take place in Palazzo Pisani (home to the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music) and is composed of a selection of painted works accompanied by corresponding musical tracks as the result of a creative collaboration between the artist Beezy Bailey, and the composer and music theoristBrian Eno. The two curators, Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, together with the artists aim to present a reflection on the interaction between the senses of sight and sound.

The exhibition progresses in a vertical manner as works are displayed along the grand staircase of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory. As a result, the visitor is guided along an ascending physical and emotional journey, inviting them to immerse themselves in the creative experience created by the two artists. Starting from the courtyard of the palace and continuing up along the staircase will be over 40 different works, some of which are presented with accompanying music pieces that can be listened to via headphones. At the top the exhibition is concluded in small rooms that are immersed in light and music where visitors can take the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of Venice whilst they experience the unique unity of Art and Music.

The exhibition intends to propose a new way of appreciating and seeing art and music as music, art, and the city combine to create an existential experience of musical and artistic vision. Music and image are united as visitors listen to the music not just with their ears, and as they look at the images not just with their eyes. The artists have made music visible and given an image to sound.

  • Beezy Bailey&Brian Eno, Middle Kingdom, 2013, oil and enamel on board, 88.5cm X 145cm Photo by Richard Deal Courtesy of the artists Beezy Bailey&Brian Eno, Middle Kingdom, 2013, oil and enamel on board, 88.5cm X 145cm Photo by Richard Deal Courtesy of the artists

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