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Therapy of Living

Liceo Artistico Marco Polo and Stazione Marittima

28 May 201627 Nov 2016

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5,000 years of respect of Natural Environmental, wearing jades of Heaven as research of quality of life, translated in today creations

Living – or the inherently architectural datum thereof – as the research for a better quality of life. Today, it cannot but be influenced by social, cultural, geo-political, historical, environmental, scientific factors. Project “Therapy of Living” revolves all around man and evolution with respect to the primary architectural environment, that is, living space (the body) and a space to live in (the environment).

The reflection starts with history, the history of the Near East in particular, and writes it by means of a capsule collection, a precious collection of jade artefacts – symbol of protection of the individual from curse and hazard. Hence, a lesson and principles to understand, translated into the contemporary languages of art and scientific research: three artists and one hundred students of local “Marco Polo” Art School of Venice.

  • “Marco Polo” Art School of Venice. “Marco Polo” Art School of Venice.

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