Museo Anahuacalli straddles nature and culture in a way that is distinctively Mesoamerican, being a physical double reference to mountain and pyramid, volcano and godhouse. The rock from which the museum is built comes from the lava plain produced by Xitle, the volcano whose eruption destroyed Cuicuilco, one of Mexico City’s many pre-Hispanic precursors. “Bosco Sodi: Elemental” references the part of the museum that is prehistoric, even ahistoric: the rock and the heat, the volcano and the sublimity latent in it. Diego Rivera’s strange and wonderful museum (geographically and culturally anahuac) contains an awesome survey of what man—motivated by need and hope, love, fear,... Read More
Bosco Sodi, Courtesy of Hilario Galguera
Andrea Martínez (Campinas, Brasil 1982). Courtesy of 1Mes 1 Artista.
1Mes 1Artista presents “60º08’00’’ N 23º33’00’’ E”, a solo exhibition by the artist Andrea Martínez. Working and lining in Mexico City, the artist studied art at La Esmeralda specializing in photography: Martínez... Read More
Camel Collective. La distancia entre Pontresina y Zermatt es la misma que la de Zermatt a Pontresina, (2017). Photo: Karla Leyva Leal
Camel Collective is formed by artists Carla Herrera-Prats and Anthony Graves and was formed as a collective in 2005. Their projects use performance, video, sculpture and photography to create works that deal with the notions of contemporary... Read More
Candida Höfer, Teatro Juárez Guanajuato, 2015. Courtesy of Galería OMR, México
As part of the celebrations of the Mexico – Germany Dual Year, the exhibition includes a  series of 25 large-format photographs and 13 small-format photographs  of iconic Mexico buildings by the German photographer. The exhibition aims... Read More
Israel Martinez, Ruido, 2013
This exhibition talks about the work of Israel Martínez and how he approaches the link between music and material supports, sociocultural changes brought about by technological changes, content distribution, the history of musical counterculture,... Read More

Art Spaces

Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (MACG)
Proyectos Monclova
Yoshua Okón, Chille, 2009; Courtesy of Parque Galería

Parque Galería


Courtesy of Galería Hilario Galguera
Bajo Un Mismo Sol, exhibition view at Museo Jumex, Mexico City. © MB Jumex
Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros
Exhibition View, Courtesy of Marso



Daniel Rios Rodriguez, 2016. Installation view



Courtesy of Patricia Conde Galeria

Patricia Conde


Courtesy of Yautepec
Exhibition View, Courtesy of Galeria Enrique Guerrero
Exhibition room. Courtesy of Luis Adelantado

Luis Adelantado



La Valise Hotel

La Valise


Condesadf Mexico City

Condesa DF


Downtown Mexico



Hotel Distrito Capital
Hotel habita



Hotel Carlota



El patio 77
Hotel camino real
Las Alcobas
Hippodrome hotel Condensa
The Red Tree House