Pearl Lam Galleries showcase the first dual space solo exhibition in Singapore of Zhu Jinshi, entitled “Presence of Whiteness”, on display from the 10th of January to the 5th of March. Following the recent show the artist made at Pearl Lam in Hong Kong, composed of black and white paintings, this show is the exact antithesis. The exhibition features more than 60 vivid and colorful paintings created between 2012 and 2016.
Zhu Jinshi, All that remains, 2016, Pearl Lam Galleries
Danish Artist Danh Vo’s Sculpture Garden
Vietnamese-born Danish artist Danh Vo presents a series of compelling new sculptures as part of his first outdoor installation in Singapore. Vo’s work often draws upon personal experience to explore broader historical, social or political... Read More
Justin Mortimer, courtesy of FuturePerfect
FuturePerfect announces a solo show by the artist Justin Mortimer, from the 9th  January to the 22nd of February. For this exhibition the Graduate at London Slade School artist has prepared a new set of paintings that enlighten up some figures... Read More
Htein Lin, Monument to my mother, 2015, courtesy of Yavuz Gallery
Yavuz Gallery kicks off 2017 with a brand new show by Htein Lin, entitled “Recovering the past”, from 14 January to 5 March 2017. The exhibition opens its doors in the same period of the renowned Singapore Art Week and remarks the... Read More
Amanda Heng
STPI – Singapore Tyler Print Institute, has rebranded itself in Creative Workshop & Gallery, and kicks off 2017 with a brand new exhibition by Amanda Hang, entitled “We are the world, these are our stories” from January... Read More

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