Thomas Bayrle: Flying Home

Baggage Claim Area – Turin Airport
04/11/2016 - 28/05/2017

Always rethinking its role as a public art fair in a capital of international contemporary art, in 2016 Artissima realises a new parallel project, thanks to a special collaboration with Torino Airport. A site-specific installation created by influential German artist Thomas Bayrle, “Flying Home” is hosted unexpectedly in the airport’s Baggage Claim area. The work is a physical pathway, a never-seen before sequence deriving from his monumental piece Flugzeug (1984) – an aeroplane made up of one million tiny planes – through its original matrix, printed on latex, stretched and distorted manually to form the total picture. The hands, human energies that are usually invisible, become... Read More
Thomas Bayrle, Telefonbau-Normalzeit (dunkelgraue Version), 1970. Courtesy of Cardi, Milan
Horiki Katsutomi, Doppio Ulisse, 1999
Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea presents a solo show by the Japanese artist Horiki Katsutomi (b. 1929) whose work refers to Ulysses and the Odyssey. With reference to the literature of Bruce Chatwin and Fernando Pessoa, the show consists... Read More
Joseph Beuys, The Green Tent (Installation View), 2016.
PAV showcases “The Green Tent (Das Grüne Zelt)”, curated by Marco Scotini. Placing itself as the third chapter of an ideal trilogy, it finishes the cycle of exhibitions with which the PAV intended to reconstruct a possible genealogy... Read More
Mike Nelson, Exhibition view at Galleria Franco Noero
Bringing in Turin the concept of an exhibition held in Monaco and commissioned by the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (July 2016), Mike Nelson presents a new series of sculptural works which were transposed from the building they were located... Read More
Nicola De Maria, Installation view, 2016. Courtesy of the gallery
An exhibition by the best known for his room-size installations of painted walls, Nicola De Maria (born 1954) in the spaces of Giorgio Persano gallery in Turin.

Art Spaces

Fondazione Merz, Turin. Image courtesy of Silvano Artico.

Fondazione Merz


Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin. Image courtesy of Silvano Artico
GAM Torino

GAM Torino


MEF, Museo Ettore Fico, Turin
Castello di Rivoli
Galleria Franco Noero, Turin
Norma Mangione, Turin

Norma Mangione



Alberto Peola


Chaos as an underestimated principle of order. Installation view - Galleria Giorgio Persano 2015. Photo Nicola Morittu, Courtesy Galleria Giorgio Persano

Giorgio Persano


Camera, Torino. Courtesy of Silvano Artico
Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin. Courtesy of Pinacoteca Agneli
Aerial view of PAV, Turin

PAV Torino



Ristorante del Cambio, Turin
Scannabue, Turin



Spazio 7, Turin

Spazio 7


Tre Galli, Turin

Tre Galli


Oinos, Turin



Sotto la Mole, Turin

Sotto la Mole


Lo Spaccio Alimentare, Turin
VO, Turin



Le Scodelle, Turin

Le Scodelle


Tre Galline, Turin

Tre Galline


Laleo, Turin



Orso, Turin