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Cultural Dimensions of Cities: Present and Past

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

28 Sep 201628 Sep 2016

When a city theory is added by its diversified dimensions, the relationship between city and traditions are worth discussion and show its value as a topic. A new topic arises about the relationship between rural and urban area when city departs from its lateral development pattern. That is to say, it’s an important aspect to be researched by culturology and anthropology how rural and urban culture communicates and joins each other. Under such circumstances, this forum invites experts to lead the topic and discuss from different angles with Cultural Dimensions of Cities: Present and Past as the topic. 

Host: Wang Nanming

Keynote Guests: Qu Jingdong, Li Renqing, Dai Zhenkang, Wang Changbai, Fang Hai, Wang Nanming

Roundtable Discussion Guests: Qu Yan,Li Yifan, Zou Cao, Ye Cheng, Shen Qilan, Jin Lei

  • Courtesy of Shanghai Himalayas Museum Courtesy of Shanghai Himalayas Museum
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