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24 Jun 201625 Jun 2016

Is the art at the end , and if so, when? Can Rainald Grebe make a TV show , if he himself has no TV? What’s – what – Dada Berlin? An evening at the theater, a TV show or a crazy, bourgeois salon only for good friends? The revolt against it rehearse?
In any event, a wild collage between Dada, Monty Python and Landlust, a wild night between philistine , Neospiessern and Altavantgardisten , between then and now. A daring ( colorful ) coexistence and cooperation of literature, music, dance, visual arts and apple juice. A work of art and anti-art.

Direction: Rainald Grebe
Stage : Janna Skroblin
Costumes : Kassandra Beab , Janna Skroblin
Music : Jens – Karsten Stoll
Video : Mareike Trillhaas
Dramaturgy: Jens United

With: Cristin König , Wilhelm Eilers , Rainald Grebe , Holger Stock House , Jens – Karsten Stoll , Valeri Scherstjanoi , the Golden Girls Neumarkt
Premiere: Fri , June 24, 8pm
Performances at: Fri 24. Jun., 8pm / Sat 25. Jun., 8pm

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