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M–L–XL & Luca Lo Pinto: Breakfast Pavilion

A plus A

10 May 201712 May 2017

During the opening days of the 57th Venice Biennale A plus A will be transformed into an informal cafe and curatorial project by M–L–XL and Luca Lo Pinto that aims at merging two worlds: art and design.

In Italy breakfast is one of the most important moments of the day and it’s a social time. During each of these three days, the three invited artists (Anna Sophie Berger, Olaf Nicolai, Nicole Wermers) will prepare and perform a unique breakfast for their hosts from 9am to 12pm,

From 12 am to 7 pm the gallery will be open to public that will have the opportunity to visit the space, drink a coffee or eat a slice of cake or have a meeting.

  • The Breakfast Pavilion, A plus A, Venice, 2017 The Breakfast Pavilion, A plus A, Venice, 2017
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