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out|side part 2


25 Aug 201613 Oct 2016

The Jamjar presents out|side part 2, a program of conversations, thinking, and films about art outside of its traditional boxes, with an eye to the ways that arts practice and the art industry in Dubai are uniquely marked by this community and context.

out|side part 2 continues discussion on art outside its traditional boxes with two panel discussions, including one on ‘arts policy and infrastructure’. This panel explores the legal and governmental policies that enable the arts to grow, as well as the kinds of infrastructure that exists to support it. In essence, this panel talks about the architecture, or the scaffolding, of the art world and the forces outside the studio, the museum and the gallery.

The second panel is devoted to ‘exploring the varying ways that scholars have approached the study of art’. Rather than imply or condone a single interpretation or approach to the study of art, the panelists will share their backgrounds and the merits of various approaches, discussing why they elected particular scholarly disciplines or methodologies in their own research and study. How do art historians differ from artists and anthropologists? What does an anthropology of art look like? How do scholars borrow from different research traditions to engage in innovative studies?

For the first evening of part 2, August 25, come check out the best of YouTube and TedTalks about arts innovation. We’ll show a curated playlist of the most engaging videos about art. Clips will focus on the history and future of curation, leveraging digital technologies in the museum, and the role art plays in changing and evolving societies.


Thursday, August 25: TedTalks on Art, Film Screening: What is curating? Kate Fowle @ the Garage – 7 minutes ////// Curating and display: the future – From dig to digital – 18 minutes ////// Innovating: portraits – Insightful portraits from data – 13 minutes ////// Innovating: art & social engagement – Use art to turn the world inside out – 24 minutes

Thursday, September 29: outside arts policy and infrastructure: Panel discussion // Ayeh Naraghi (cultural policy, Alcove Advisers) and Kevin Jones (independent arts writer, journalist)

Thursday, October 13: outside scholarly approaches to art: Panel discussion // Dr. Salwa Mikdadi (history of modern and contemporary art of the Arab world), Flounder Lee (artist, curator, educator), Beth Derderian (anthropologist) and Dr. Sarina Wakefield (phd in history, specialty in museums and heritage).


August 25 7:30pm // Film Screening: TedTalks on Art

September 29 7:30pm // outside arts policy and infrastructure

October 13 7:30pm // outside scholarly approaches to art

GUEST CURATOR: Beth Derderian

Beth is a cultural anthropologist and a PhD candidate at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA. She received a Fulbright fellowship and the Al Qasimi Foundation doctoral research grant to conduct her dissertation research, which focuses on contemporary arts practice in the UAE. She holds a MA in Near Eastern and Museum Studies. Prior to graduate school, she worked at the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles.


email at or call+971 4 341 7303

  • out|side part 2, TheJamjar, Dubai 2016. out|side part 2, TheJamjar, Dubai 2016.

Special Events

Destination: Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi
Where: Thejamjar
Type: Talk
Admission: Free

Outside arts policy and infrastructure. Panel discussion: Ayeh Naraghi and Kevin Jones.

Destination: Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi
Where: Thejamjar
Type: Talk
Admission: Free

Outside scholarly approaches to art. Panel discussion: Dr. Salwa Mikdadi, Flounder Lee, Beth Derderian and Dr. Sarina Wakefield.

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