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Performing Dramas

chi K11 art museum

09 Nov 201703 Jan 2018

A collaboration between K11 Art Foundation and Centre Pompidou. This screening series includes seven visually, stylistically, and thematically distinct video works by a group of emerging and established Chinese and Singaporean artists, namely Fang Lu, Hao Jingban, Li Liao, Li Ran, Ma Qiusha, Tao Hui, and Ming Wong.

The series of video works explore the idea of the “performative” in moving images. More specifically, it examines how dramatic scenarios, be they biographical, fictional, observational or real, have been widely employed by artists as a device and a theatrical means to imagine and reflect our increasingly complex histories and multiple realities.

  • Performing Dramas Performing Dramas

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Destination: Shanghai
Where: chi K11 art museum
Type: Opening
Admission: Free
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3000 m2

T: +86 21 2310 3132 W: Shanghai chi K11 art museum