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Yuri Ancarani: Bora. Museo Chiama Artista Project, AMACI

Museo del Novecento

04 Apr 201610 Apr 2016

“Bora” by Yuri Ancarani is a work in progress, based on a collaboration and interaction between visual arts and music which began in 2011. It consists of a 30 minute video, the subject of which is the wind, which acts as a visual to a live concert. The video was shot in north-eastern Italy’s Val Rosandra, an area that is characterized by a rough and rocky aspect, tough and fascinating at the same time.

Violent gusts sweap the landscape and nature infusing it with an unexpected and astonishing vital flow. Along with the images, the noise of the wind with its gradations of intensity is the main subject of the film. This scenario makes a beautiful setting of the live exhibition by the musicians with whom Ancarani establishes artistic collaborations from time to time.


  • Yuri Ancarani, Bora, 2016 Yuri Ancarani, Bora, 2016
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€10; Reduced €8/6


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