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01 Dec 201420 Dec 2014

In connecting trends and resources across the design world’s mediums, #101ManMade seeks to foster connection by engaging disparate practices with each other through common ideologies: the importance of craftsmanship, partnership, and the undeniable truth that a dialogue about design is, ultimately, a dialogue about community.

Spurred by the efforts of three continents working together to showcase new talent in the design industry, the result in turn perpetuates an ongoing sense of collaboration between the display of designers, viewers, and potential users alike.

Featuring the work of Bower (New York City) alongside Guto Requena (Sao Paulo),Rodolfo Agrella (Caracas), and a host of others, the works at #101ManMade run a gamut in spirit, both playful and practical, and raise questions about the role of design on the macro level – the future structure of cities – and the micro – such as our present, daily human interactions.

Consider Agrella‘s plates: whimsical but utilitarian, they are shaped like leaves but lend themselves to multiple purposes. Equal parts conversation piece and functional item, they are small-scale but wholly reflective of design’s general purpose, aesthetically and practically.

Calico Wallpaper, another featured designer, employs a method embodying years of research on paper marbling around the world. In this way, they essentially allow history to inform the energy and feel of a given room. Requena‘s architectural background is illustrated even by his smaller works–referencing both culture and memory, Requena, it seems, always imagines space.

Design is both the large – and small-scale, the nuanced and the clear, and it is consistently omnipresent. Though international at its core, #101ManMade‘s synergy is already embodied by Miami’s artistic community a growing and consistently supportive global hub of its own, with an ever-expanding design scene. It is therefore the perfect place, then, to display a series of works that microcosmically represent both culture and kinship.

  • Courtesy of Design PubCourtesy of Design Pub
  • Courtesy of Design PubCourtesy of Design Pub

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