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A Problem of How to Fly


15 Apr 201603 Jul 2016

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This installation A Problem of How to Fly speaks of the being of the here and now. Our minds are flooded with information from birth, which comes with the social stigmas and preconceptions of right and wrong. We are limited by our knowledge and confined by our cultures, traditions, societies, laws and philosophies. If we can just let them all go, believe in ourselves, spread our wings and empower ourselves with confidence, we will be able to fly.

Poomtangon reimagines the atmosphere in a vast lotus pond, where the endless body of water, coloured by the lotus leaves and bright flowers, meets the blue skies of soaring birds, signifying freedom, strength and belief.

About Att Poomtangon

Poomtangon is a Thai artist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His work, Keep Something for a Rainy Day was shown in the Arsenale curated by Daniel Birnbaum in the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. His works have been shown in galleries all over the world, from Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art (Copenhagen, Denmark), SAM Swiss Architecture Museum (Switzerland), National Art Studio (Seoul, South Korea) and Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo (São Paolo, Brazil).

  • A Problem of How to Fly. Courtesy of Esplanade.A Problem of How to Fly. Courtesy of Esplanade.

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