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Adrián Balseca: The Unbalanced Land

Madragoa Gallery

14 May 201920 Jul 2019

The exhibition brings together a sound installation, a series of photographs, and objects. In his works, the artist carries out a reflection on the modalities of space production and the spatio-temporal relations in late capitalism.

Balseca’s artistic gesture is inscribed, therefore, in a genealogy of decolonial political-poetic practices, pointing, at the same time, to the persistence of colonial formations in contemporary Ecuador. The adopted artistic methodology is about displacing a set of cognitive categories, political and representative (“here” and “there”, universal and local, “same” and “other”, observer and observee) and affirming a signic ecology founded in a system of dynamic interactions.

  • Adrián Balseca, Horamen, 2017, site-specific intervention. Courtesy the artist.Adrián Balseca, Horamen, 2017, site-specific intervention. Courtesy the artist.

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