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Alexis Peskine: Power Figures

Haitian Heritage Museum

01 Dec 201701 Mar 2018

Alexis Peskine’s work focuses on the complexity of themes impacting people from the African Diaspora and speaks up about the institutional racism and lack of multi-cultural representation in the media and public sphere. His signature pieces are large-scale portraits rendered by the painstaking process of hammering nails of different lengths and diameters, with pin-point accuracy into wood to create breath-taking composite images. The exhibition presents a rich background through his work, in which he explores both the Black Experience and the world of the refugee, forced to exist between fixed boundaries of state and identity.

  • Alexis Peskine, Aljana Moons - Doudou, 2015Alexis Peskine, Aljana Moons - Doudou, 2015

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