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Ana Segovia: Toy Boy

Galería Karen Huber

05 Feb 201929 Mar 2019

The images in “Toy Boy” present themselves as analogies. Ana Segovia (Mexico, 1991) likens the process of creating an image to that of creating an identity, where a series of cultural and pictorial signifiers work together to compose a sort of fiction, or representation, of someone or something. Segovia draws form stills of Mexico’s golden age of cinema to question how mass media has influenced notions of identity in a society, particularly those of gender. For Segovia, identity and painting require a communal suspension of disbelieve, like a kid playing with a toy who imbues objects with agency— looking and making are games, childish, at times perverse, and always make believe.

  • Ana Segovia, Ana Segovia, "Toy Boy", Galería Karen Huber, Feb 5 - Mar 29, 2019, Mexico City

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