Basel - Exhibition

Ana Vujic, Christian Robles, Joel Vergeat

Guillaume Daeppen

08 Oct 201612 Nov 2016

The group exhibition at Guillaume Daeppen will explore the way images can move us, but also the role of an artist in constructing and changing our social reality. Contemporary society is burdened with inequality, injustice, and violence. Is an individual impotent in front of daily news regarding wars, refugees, political and economic scandals? Should we still laugh about Donald Trump? Do we live in an era of the dictatorship of Facebook and Google, powerful companies which both bring and censor information? Amidst all of that, what is the scope of art? How should it deal with everyday politics and a variety of challenges society faces? Rejecting the notion of political correctness, artists featured in this exhibition will try to provide answers.

A Serbian-born and Switzerland-based street artist, Ana Vujic tackles problems that are burdening modern life. As a daring tribute to what seems as a non-flawed consumer and fun society, her art screams farewell to freedom and people’s happiness. With black color being dominant in her work, she manages to capture feelings of loneliness and alienation within the contemporary society.

The Swiss street artist Christian Robles is well known for his graffiti, and black and white, grim-looking artworks. He has decided to express himself through street art since there are practically no limits to this medium.
Previously known as Umbrella Kid, Joel Vergeat is best known for his black and white photographs. A self-taught artist, Vergeat only works with an analog camera, avoiding all digital manipulation. His work is characterized by pure lines, geometric form, simplicity and lots of concrete that serve as a canvas.

  • Ana Vujic, Sin Fronteras, 2016Ana Vujic, Sin Fronteras, 2016
  • Ana Vujic, Ana Vujic, "Fight War, Not Wars", 2016
  • Ana Vujic, exhibition view, October 2016Ana Vujic, exhibition view, October 2016
  • Christian Robles, Amazing Revolt, 2016Christian Robles, Amazing Revolt, 2016
  • Christian Robles, Amazing Revolt, 2016Christian Robles, Amazing Revolt, 2016
  • Christian Robles, RAW, 2016Christian Robles, RAW, 2016
  • Christian Robles, White Mother, 2016Christian Robles, White Mother, 2016
  • exhibition view, Gallery Daeppen, October 2016exhibition view, Gallery Daeppen, October 2016
  • Ana Vujic, With a Heart of Stone, 2016Ana Vujic, With a Heart of Stone, 2016
  • Joel Vergata, Wheat and Tares, 2015Joel Vergata, Wheat and Tares, 2015
  • Joel Vergata, The Wedding Feast, 2016Joel Vergata, The Wedding Feast, 2016
  • Joel Vergata, The Rich Young Man, 2016Joel Vergata, The Rich Young Man, 2016
  • Joel Vergeat, exhibition view, October 2016Joel Vergeat, exhibition view, October 2016

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