London - Exhibition

Andrew Grassie

Maureen Paley

18 Nov 201707 Jan 2018

This is the third solo exhibition at the gallery by the artist. Grassie’s paintings recreate in precise detail photographs that he has taken himself, found on the Internet or sourced from archives. His work raises questions about the relationship between documented reality and constructed illusion and it
is hard to distinguish his egg tempera paintings from the photographs they are based on.

The exhibition features seven new pieces – each depicting a view of one end of the artist’s studio that has been styled to create a fictional work space of another artist. The remains of labour are strewn around; tools, canvases, books, computers, lighting equipment etc. There are only the vaguest hints of artworks being made. They explore both fact and fiction in their deadpan rendering.

Andrew Grassie lives and works in London.

  • Andrew Grassie, 2017. Courtesy of Maureen PaleyAndrew Grassie, 2017. Courtesy of Maureen Paley

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