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Annette Kelm: Tomato Target

Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

14 Dec 201824 Mar 2019

The exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien gathers pictures by artist Annette Kelm. Photographic series such as “Friendly Tournament” or the one dedicated to the building of The Research Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Shipbuilding, portray objects from daily reality transforming them to trigger manifold association. Kelm’s pictures always feature fractious motifs which quote the genre of still life, studio or architectural photography although without fully embracing the rules of the genre. Subjects are portrayed in frontal views and great detail, destabilised by the insertion of items which do not always bear recognizable relations to the main subject of the picture itself. The artist creates in this way opulent scenarios populated by objects apparently open to interpretation but carrying enigmatic meanings.


  • Annette Kelm, Set Square and Flowers, c-print, framed, 2016. Courtesy of König GalerieAnnette Kelm, Set Square and Flowers, c-print, framed, 2016. Courtesy of König Galerie

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