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Annie Buckley: The People’s Tarot

Art and Culture Center/Hollywood

15 Nov 201418 Jan 2015

This interdisciplinary and participatory project includes original collages, a tarot deck and guidebook, two print editions, and readings.

Annie Buckley began The People’s Tarot as a means of integrating more intuition into what felt like an increasingly analytical practice. She is familiar with the Tarot and has owned four decks over the years. She integrates meditation and research into her collage process to create a new deck with a humanist philosophy. Interaction and intuition are at the core of this project.

Annie Buckley worked on The People’s Tarot for about two years. It includes a set of collages, a tarot deck and book, prints, and readings. The 22 collages are made with a combination of artist photographs, gouache, cut paper, and magazine imagery turned backwards to use the opposite side.
The rest of the collages in the deck (there are 78 cards total) are made as digital collages. This project grows out of artist interest in interdisciplinary work that blurs lines between visual art and writing.

This artist-led project is designed to put art in viewers’ hands – literally, conceptually, and metaphorically. Readers/viewers use their own intuition in viewing the work and interpreting the cards.

  • Annie Buckley, Major Arcana Prints, each 8Annie Buckley, Major Arcana Prints, each 8
  • Annie Buckley, The People’s Tarot, tarot deck and guideAnnie Buckley, The People’s Tarot, tarot deck and guide

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