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Anri Sala: The Last Resort

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

29 Sep 201827 Jan 2019

Artist Anri Sala presents a site-specific installation of sound and sculpture entitled The Last Resort, for one of Garage Musem of Contemporary Art‘s Atrium. The work responds to the architectural and acoustic characteristics of the space, featuring thirty-eight snare drums that generate sounds in response to vibrations emanating from loudspeakers within each instrument.

The motif played is a new version of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, specially rearranged by the artist who replaces the original tempo of composer’s piece with instructions based on the weather encountered by the émigré James Bell during his sea voyage from England to Australia. The result is a new composition, arising from the corruption of Mozart’s original intentions for his piece, that became representative of Enlightenment spirit, with the unforeseen sounds produced by wind and weather conditions.

  • Anri Sala, Anri Sala, "The Last Observatory", 2017, Sidney, © Pedro Greig

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