Milan - Exhibition

Antonello da Messina: Dentro la Pittura

Palazzo Reale

21 Feb 201902 Jun 2019

The exhibition investigates Antonello da Messina‘s art, gathering nineteen paintings on the thirty-five attributed in total to the artist.
On view some of the most famous masterpieces by the Italian painter, such as the fifteenth century iconic “Annunciata” (“The Virgin Annunciate”), on loan from Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo, “San Girolamo” (“St. Jerome in his Study”) from the National Gallery of London, the “Ecce Homo” from Collegio Alberoni in Piacenza, among the others. The pieces are exhibited along with the notebooks by the critic Giovan Batista Cavalcaselle, who was to the first to reconstruct Antonello da Messina’s catalogue of works.

  • Antonello da Messina, Antonello da Messina, "Annunciata", 1475-1476

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