Berlin - Exhibition

Antoni Tàpies | Jordi Alcaraz | Gino Rubert

Galerie Michael Haas

28 Apr 201730 Jun 2017

The exhibition features paintings by the three Catalunia based artists showing their common practice and sometimes contrasting themes and concepts.
The works of the two younger artists refer in form and content to the paintings of Antoni Tàpies. The surrealism of Tàpies’ early pictures can be seen in the pictorial worlds of Gino Rubert, while the specific way of working with different materials is just as central to the sculptural pictures of Jordi Alcaraz as it is for Tàpies. The play with the perception and (de-) construction of reality is common to all three artists.

  • Antoni Tàpies, Quatre formes, 1995Antoni Tàpies, Quatre formes, 1995

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Special Events

Destination: Berlin
Where: Galerie Michael Haas
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

Opening of the show during the Gallery Weekend Berlin

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