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Au-delà de l’image III

Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery

17 Nov 201622 Dec 2016

Presented at Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery (ex See Studio Gallery) in 2014, “Au-delà de l’image (Part I)”, was the starting point of a reflexion on the photographic medium. “Au-delà de l’image (Part II)”, presented in 2015, further advanced towards the materiality and specialization of images, with particular emphasis on the moving image. The third chapter, “Au-delà de l’image (Part III)”, partially deviates the research path to investigate the materialisation processes involved in digital images, exploring the close link between digital art and the sculptural and pictorial practices.
  • Au-delà de l'image III (Installation View), 2016. Courtesy of the Galerie Escougnou-CetraroAu-delà de l'image III (Installation View), 2016. Courtesy of the Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro

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