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Autumn Casey : Take Me Home

Diorama Projects

01 Dec 201528 Feb 2015

Autumn Casey has a new project on view at the Diorama Project. The Diorama Project seeks to engage everyday passersby with unexpected collisions of art, design and performance. Housed within the interior corridor of the historic Alfred I. Dupont Building in Downtown Miami, each Diorama is programmed on a quarterly basis.

Autumn Casey (b. 1987, Dallas) draws on a variety of personal relics and pop-cultural ephemera, both abject and singular, to challenge and question her own subjectivity against the world at large. Her practice, which moves from sculpture to collage, as well as video performances, considers the history of the found object and assemblage-redeploying existing materials or moments in unexpected, idiosyncratic ways. The result is a body of work that vibrates along the tense cord between the personal and the vernacular. She studied sculpture at the New World School of the Arts (BFA 2011). Her work is collected by the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, where she won the 2010 Optic Nerve XII, and in private collections in Miami and New York City. She has collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Boys Noize. Casey currently lives and works in Miami, where she is represented by PRIMARY.

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