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Bakhodir Jalal: Zoetic

Andakulova Gallery

02 Mar 201614 May 2016

Andakulova Gallery (previously Alif Art Gallery) presents a solo exhibition of the celebrated artist Bakhodir Jalal (Uzbekistan) called “Zoetic”.

The gallery will present a selection of his abstract works from the last two decades, which represents an important milestone in his career, considered a living legend in his country.

“Zoetic” (zəʊˈεtɪk) takes its title from a rarely used word of Greek origin. To describe someone as “zoetic” is to suggest he contains a vitality that makes life whole, contributing to its deeper meaning. It refers to a person who touches on the very essence of the human experience, beyond the bare, basic motions of life. Jalal’s exhibition will explore these passionate characteristics of this artist whose extraordinary career spans several decades.

This survey of the artist is an opportunity to understand some of the key artworks and to contextualize and reflect on his creative journey. For Jalal, it could serve as a moment of reassessment and a point of departure for future exploration.

The works presented at the “Zoetic” exhibition are driven by the desire of the artist to experiment, play, break boundaries and to move away from having to paint something that is real or representative.

Abstraction for Jalal means freedom of choice – where he can use color and the symbolic language of lines and fluid forms to enquire into abstract art. The principles of Jalal’s abstraction follow in the path of the Malevitchian pursuit of a ‘non-objective’ painting. On another hand, his visual language is rooted locally within Central Asia and gets its inspiration in a form of Oriental mysticism which cast the material world as an illusory fiction. Jalal’s art in this field takes two forms – first as ‘abstract’ art, whose starting point is a recognizable image which is progressively abstracted to a necessary minimum and ‘concrete’ form, which stems solely from the mind of the artist or the process of creation.


  • Bakhodir Jalal, Bells, 2010Bakhodir Jalal, Bells, 2010
  • Bakhodir Jalal, White Night Mysteries, 2013Bakhodir Jalal, White Night Mysteries, 2013

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Destination: Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi
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